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ELF program is a high-tech product reveloped using the modern programming methods. The program is created on a basis of development platform for business-applications CRAFT™ of the Binom Soft company and embodies many-years of experience of the company specialists in software automation of different commercial enterprises. Learn more about the history of creation of the ELF program.

The modern business application cannot exist without the convenient and functional user interface. ELF program operates on Windows and has intuitive and user-friendly interface. Learn more about program interface...

ELF program uses client-server technology that has significant advantages over file data storage systems. As a database server the Firebird SQL is used –a compact, cross-platform, free database management system (DBMS) that runs on GNU / Linux, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows and various Unix platforms. More information about

technical characteristics and about database server...

Program installation is simple and at the same time allows different variants of deployments depending on user requirements. Learn more about требованиях к компьютеру and installation variants.

All data in a program are organized using common principles – this ensures all business processes are unified and facilitates the program usage. Read mmore about informational structure...

We are always open to any proposals/suggestions for program improvement. The most valuable proposals will be for sure implemented and will be available in next program releases.

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